Cutting and drilling

Cutting, drilling and milling steel structures.

Folding and welding

We weld different kinds of steel structures.

Sheet metal bending

Bending sheets up to 30 mm thick.

Surface finishes

Detailed painting and subsequent drying of structures.


Plasma cutting of steel structures

Plasma cutting

Our company has several plasma cutting machines.

The CNC FICEP GEMINI HP25 plasma cutting machine cuts 2.5x6m sheet metal with a thickness of up to 100mm, drills holes up to 33 mm, mills holes up to 250 mm in diameter, drills threads up to M33 and engraves manufactured parts.

The FICEP KRONOS 25SP - plasma cutting machine – CNC drilling and plasma cutting machine. Plasma cutting, plate thickness from 2 to 150 mm, maximum plate size 2 x 6 m with a maximum cutting speed of 8700 mm/min. Drills holes up to a maximum diameter of 40 mm. Monthly production 50-150 tons.

This includes

  • detailed technical documentation
  • cutting plans
  • quality control
  • finishing/grinding/deburring of edges and holes
  • packing
  • transport

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Plasma cutting of steel structures